Features and Applications
    Sintered Porous Getter is sintered by all kinds of non-evaporable getter alloys at high temperature. It is characterized in low activation temperature, high gettering rate, big sorption capacity, good compactness , and less loose particles. Our Sintered Porous Getter is added with high efficiency activator and anti-sintering agent so as to improve its gettering performance.
Its size and shaped can be made according to customers’ requirements. It also can carry a heater so that it can be used in where it can not be activated by high frequency or heat radiation. The getter is applied to IR detector dewars, X-Ray tubes, and so on.
Basic Characteristics and General Data
Type Initial Gettering rat(L/s×cm2) Sorption capacity(Pa×L/cm2)

Suggested Activation Conditions
    Sintered Porous Getter without heater: 500℃×10min. Sintered Porous Getter with heater: 1) ZV4IM360H: activating current is 2.8A×10min , the largest initial pressure is 5×10-2Pa. 2) ZIC5IM540U: activating current is 2.9 A×10min, the largest initial pressure is 5×10-2Pa.

1.Sealed getter shall be stored in dry clean environment with a relative humidity lower than 75%m and no erosive gas.
2.The getter is stable in the air, but dust, vapor and erosive gas shall be avoided. To assemble the getter, fiber gloves are forbid and rubber gloves are recommended.
3.The getter shall be used in time after the can is unsealed. It can be exposed to the air for more than 24 hours, otherwise it shall be stored in vacuum.
4.The getter temperature shall not be more than 200℃ in the air, otherwise it will self-ignite.
5.The support of the getter heater shall not be shaken heavily, and it shall be careful while welding the getter lest the fall-off of the insulate material of the heater.
6.The getter can perform only after it is activated. Usually, we suggest activation before the sealing of a device and a device shall be sealed soon after the getter is activated. During the life time of a device, the getter can be re-activated.
7.When activating a getter, the current shall not be increased quickly. Usually the time for the activating current increase from 0 to the suggested value shall be controlled around 3 to 5 minutes.
8.The quality guaranty time for sealed getter is one year from the manufacturing date.


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